(“What is it?")
  • The Backyard Oasis Package involves transforming your backyard into your personal oasis. It includes but is not limited to:* Swimming Pool, Swim Spa, or Hot Tub
  • * Interlocked or equivalent seating and lounge area
    * Outdoor Cooking Area
    *Cabana and Outdoor Shower
    *Privacy Fencing and Hedges
    *Please note due to increased demand for this package on our new inventory builds, we aren't offering this service to any homes not built by Midnight. Thanks for your understanding!* 

    The Backyard Design

    (“What will it look like?")
  • We provide a full landscape design of your backyard based on your requirements.  Our landscape design plans are created by our in-house design team and will be adjusted as required to suit your needs and wants.
  • Exterior renderings of the design plans are also provided as required.

    ("How Much Does it Cost?")
  • The pricing depends on which items are required and what the overall scope of work is.
  • We are happy to give a general quote once we review the Scope of Work required.
  •  Our general Backyard Packages are offered at: $25,000, $50,000$100,000, and $125,000.  All packages are customizable.