Listed below are some of our inventory projects that are currently for sale or recently sold. Most of these homes are in the design stage (with details available) or newly under construction.

Certain projects (both newly designed or sold) will not be posted until completion, however, due to privacy. Projects without specific street names are withheld due to homeowner privacy.

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Hillside 5 (Mimico) – SOLD

Mimico – $2,150,000 – COMING SOON

Hay 4 (Mimico) – SOLD

Guthrie Ave (Mimico) – SOLD

Willowdale – $2,900,000 – COMING SOON

Hay Ave 2 (Mimico) – COMING SOON

First St (New Toronto) – $2,300,000

Elizabeth St (Mimico -225 deep lot!) – SOLD

Lockhart Road- Innisfil – $1,600,000

Hay Ave 3 (Mimico -150 deep lot!) – SOLD

Simpson Ave 2 (Mimico) – SOLD

Murrie St (Mimico -double car garage plan!) – SOLD

Florence Ave 2 (Yonge/Sheppard) – SOLD

Joan Dr-Mississauga – SOLD

Lake Promenade (Long Branch) – SOLD

Lake Crescent 2 (Mimico) – SOLD

*NEW* Florence Ave 1 (Yonge/Sheppard) – SOLD

Elder Ave 2 (Long Branch) – SOLD

Macdonald St (Mimico -double car garage plan!) – SOLD

Finsbury (Alderwood) – SOLD

Simpson Ave 3 (Mimico) – SOLD

Mimico Village – SOLD

Hillside 4 (Mimico) – SOLD

Sixteenth St (New Toronto) – SOLD

Simpson Street (Mimico) – SOLD

Kingsway Etobicoke – SOLD!

Hay St 1 (Mimico) – SOLD

Melrose St (Mimico) – SOLD

Clanton Park (North York)- 60 feet wide – Beach Collection- SOLD

Long Branch- California Collection – SOLD

Yonge/Sheppard (North York)- Bishop Collection- SOLD

Yonge/Sheppard (North York)- King Collection- SOLD

North York -Miami Collection- SOLD

Mimico – Palace of Love Collection (2 car garage) – SOLD

Long Branch – South of Lake Shore – steps to the water!- SOLD

Lake Crescent 1 (Mimico) – Modern Manor Collection- SOLD