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Midnight Building Corp is part of the Midnight Group of Companies.  It is the new home division of Midnight Group joining Midnight Developments (Renovation and Rental Community Division), Midnight Pools (Pools and Landscaping Division), Midnight Entertainment (Retail Division) and Midnight Group Studio (Supply and Decor Division).

Midnight Building is a HCRA registered and Tarion enrolled builder in Toronto since 2017 completing dozens and dozens of homes with another approx 50 (under management (design, permits, build stages) and 500+ multi-residential units under design with construction slated over the next five years (with Midnight Developments).

"Midnight Building" exemplifies the new generation of infill and custom home builders with up-to-date designs, technology, and customer care. We utilize an online portal that has the ability to track progress, store all pertinent information, take payments, etc.

"In-House Team" - we are very proud to utilize our in-house team to better collaborate on each build. Our design work, both architectural and interior design, is curated in-house. We take extra care in personalizing all our designs for each purchaser. This also includes a dedicated project manager, site supervisor, after-occupancy service manager and more!

A message from our Management:

It is truly our goal to provide an easy solution to custom home building - whether it be in an infill location in the Greater Toronto Area or one in a more rural setting like Innisfil by the water.

We can appreciate that the task at hand of designing and building a home seems daunting. What design to choose? What budget? How is the financing set up? ...and so much more!

Our goal was to make this as straightforward as possible. You'll notice we've curated a "Models" page which is just used as a starting point to help see what designs and concepts you'd like. We're constantly updating them! This allows us to garner a starting point to design your dream inside and out!

The team has put together three to four different Features and Finishes packages to ensure we have a features list for your budget! The interior design team spends time going through the features with you to make sure nothing is missed.

We offer three separate solutions for building a new home: our inventory, our custom builds, and the hybrid.

Our Inventory is the quintessential "buy the complete package from a builder". You're buying the lot/land, construction of the build, and everything else is from us. Just a deposit and the balance due on completion. We generally always offer 10 inventory builds to choose from with a special focus in our favorite areas - Etobicoke, North York, Mississauga, Innisfil/Barrie - and we're always expanding our inventory areas!  Inventory builds were how we started and still makeup 65% of our builds under management to date.

Our Custom Builds, also known on the website as Price My Build, is when we build on your land. We become the builder and manage the whole project from design to completion.  We introduced this about four years ago now and it's been steadily increasing to now be approximately 35% of our builds. To make life even easier, we launched Midnight's In-house Construction Financing. Feel free to visit that tab on our site to learn more! As stated, we wanted to make this as easy as possible and keep as much in-house as possible!

The Hybrid option is just that: a mix between the two. It's usually in an area we're already in where we agree to take the new lot into our inventory and provide all financing until completion, making it "turnkey" like our inventory. This is on approved projects and locations only.

Our vivacious team has continued to grow in the last few years and is now 10+ strong with a great team of on-site trades. We're only as good as our team and our great purchasers/homeowners that trust us with their most important asset. 

We wanted to take the production style approach of building - with models, efficient and expeditious timelines, features lists, and financing until completion - and bring it to the luxury custom home, infill world so that it could be done, with less quantity and more quality,  in urban neighborhoods too! We think we've done a great job with it - and that we have something great to offer each and every potential customer. With that said, we are always implementing new programs, promotions, and ideas to improve!  We call it 'production custom'.

Thanks for joining us and we look forward to welcoming you to the Midnight Family!
- Jonah Rumm (President, Midnight Building) and Ernest Kiraly (Chief Operating Officer, Midnight Building)


Whether you purchase a new home from us or allow us to guide you through the creation of your dream home, we strive to go above and beyond your expectations.

We look forward to working with you.