While we would like to post ALL our completed projects, due to homeowner privacy, we aren't able to. We would like to share the selected examples as a testament to great team work:

Mimico – Sunset Collection

65 Lake Crescent (Mimico) – Phoenix Collection 2.0

100B Seventeenth Street (New Toronto) -Castle Collection- Model Home/Sales Office -SOLD

134 Hillside Ave (Mimico) – Hilltop Collection

43 Vanevery St 2 (Mimico) – Avenue Collection

21 Simpson Street (Mimico)

308 Melrose St (Mimico) – Main St Collection

65 Struthers Street (Mimico) – The California Collection 2.0

62 Struthers Street (Mimico) -Phoenix Collection

93 Lake Crescent (Mimico) – Modern Manor Collection

84 Vanevery St (Mimico) -Astoria Collection

190 Hillside Avenue (Mimico) – California Collection

100A Seventeenth Street (New Toronto) -Castle Collection

18 Distin Ave (Mimico)

970 Melton Drive (Lakeview) – Mansion Collection

969 Johnathan Drive (Lakeview) – Mansion Collection

158 Hillside Ave (Mimico) – The King Collection

157 Hillside Avenue (Mimico) – Hillside Collection

51 Elder Avenue (Long Branch) – Knight Collection