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Easy Payment Schedule and Financing

For our inventory builds, buy with a small down payment (7.5% of the total purchase price) with the balance due on closing. Don’t worry about having to refinance your current home, move to a rental, or obtain your own construction financing. Let us take care of all that for you! If you already own the land, we can also provide construction financing – either for the full amount or for a partial amount. We don’t refer you to a broker; we take care of all this in-house!We also offer in-house construction financing on all our builds. OAC.

Build Time

Nobody likes to wait and wait for a home to be completed. We’ve all heard the horror stories. For a home up to 3500 sq ft, we guarantee a max build time of seven (7) months. Don’t believe us…we’ll put our “money where our mouth” is in all our contracts! If the build is between 3500-5000 sq ft, we guarantee a max build time of eight (8) months. *Timeline is for builds completed between May 1-November 15th.

Sourcing through our in-house Midnight Brokerage

What if we don’t have what you’re looking for? We can source it for you using our sales team. You have the option to have us find a lot in a location of your choosing in the Greater Toronto Area that meets all your requirements – including budget. Depending on the desired area, your build may be eligible to be brought into our inventory (small deposit due, balance on completion) or be eligible for our lowest construction financing rate offered.

Pricing Options

We offer our Classic Series ($), Black Series ($$), Gold Series ($$$), and ultra-customized Diamond Series ($$$$). Depending on each purchaser’s needs and wants, we have different pricing packages available.

Design Flexibility

1n the event you’re buying or building with us pre-construction, we want to make your vision come to life. Although we showcase many options, we ultimately want to let you customize and tell us what you like. There’s full flexibility within our interior and architectural design. It’s all handled in-house and we’ll continue to work on it until you’re in love with it!

Décor Center and Model Home

Come visit with us directly – either at our brand-new décor center or new model home. Be able to see and feel things in person!