Are you ready to have your socks knocked off? This new design build in Toronto's Oakwood neighbourhood is sure to make you chuckle and delight you at the same time! At just 25 feet wide, it's compact yet packed with all the bells and whistles. The transition floor plan is so smooth you'll feel like you're gliding from room to room. And those large windows? Let's just say, if you're feeling nosy, you'll be able to keep an eye on your neighbours with ease! The amazing arches, on the other hand, will make you feel like you've just stepped into a medieval castle - but with a modern twist. We've even thrown in all the quintessential features you could ask for, but don't worry, no white picket fence or gnomes on this lawn! Designed from scratch with our purchaser's desires in mind, we can guarantee that they'll be doing cartwheels and summersaults (well, maybe not summersaults - safety first!) when they see their new abode. Don't miss out on the opportunity to live in this amazing home that's sure to tickle your funny bone!



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